Carlist War Museum

The Carlist army and General Cabrera at the foot of Cantavieja. Photo courtesy of the Oracle of Trisquel.

The three Carlist Wars of the 19th century between the Carlists (traditionalists), supporters of Carlos María Isidro of Borbón and his descendents, and the Liberals, supporters of Isabel II of Spain, mark a key moment in Spanish history. Cantavieja played a crucial role in these wars as the capital of the General Command of the Maestrazgo, led by the Carlist General, Ramón Cabrera y Griño, known as the “Tiger of the Maestrazgo”.

Inside the museum, a replica of the Skull and Crossbones flag
adopted by Cabrera. The original is housed in the Army museum, Madrid.
The Carlist Wars Museum in Cantevieja offers a journey through time, uncovering the events that brought the town to the forefront as a stronghold of Carlist insurgency and full of surprising gems, such as interesting facts about the Skull and Crossbones flag usually associated with pirates.

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